1. Me and Kevin met Frank Iero last monday :) 

    His new band rocked, he was so sweet (even though I was nervous), and he gave me a free sticker! Made my whole week.

  2. avoicethatglowsinthedark:

    I need this in my life


  3. words to live by 

    (Source: guitars-and-cigarette-smoke)

  4. First bad luck animal stamp for a series/pattern I’m trying to make in the spirit of Halloween ;)

  5. Sharpie testing out the new akira tattoo I want to get

  6. A few of the other pages from the cheap sketchbook I had with me in japan this summer.

  7. a few spreads from the free sketchbook I took with me to japan this summer

  9. I’m thinking of making a tshirt design using all my space/alien/ghost/telekinetic doodles layered on top of one another so it sort of makes your eyes hurt

  10. Femme Fudge!