1. Anonymous said: Makoto number seven if you haven't already, please! (And large fries)

    I’m afraid i’m not sure who that is or what they are from… if you specify I will do it once I get back from Japan!


  2. symbolicattachment said: You are such a fabulous and awesome artist omg I hope that you are very well today (´・Д・)」

    Awe thank you!!


  4. Sayōnara, America! Konichiwa, Kyoto!

    You may or may not know that I am studying abroad in Japan for the rest of the summer. If you would like to see photos or sketches and read about my trip in the upcoming weeks, here is the link!


  5. Last color scheme challenge I’ll be doing for awhile.

    The Little Mermaid, before she wanted anything to do with humanity.

    (I cheated and added textures too. Sorry)

  6. Fox ghost update!
    Hanging in there…

  7. Some snippets of a storybook I created a long while ago.

    It was a travelogue about a girl, a falling star, a thirsty moon, and plenty of other odd creatures. I’m still proud of it.

  8. Here you go, anon! I’m in love with suehiro maruo’s sequence style (particularly the repetition of eyes/teeth/hands!!)

    I’d like to think Miko was just strange, a bit off, and gravely misunderstood. Rather than being the spawn of satan. 


    can’t wait till november!

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